Short visit to Świnoujście aka Swinemünde

The weather was so unfriendly when we were passing this city during our spring holiday. Even without the storm this place is known for its windy weather since it’s connected directly to the Baltic sea. Świnoujście is located in the western part of Polland consisting of many islands. Only three of the islands are inhabited, one of them borders with Germany. 

@ beach, the sand is covered with shells
We went there directly from Rügen island, Germany. Since the weather was not as good as expected, we only had a short visit. We passed the city garden called Spa park, a nineteenth century garden that still has old mediteranean plants of approximately 150 years. 

Foto from Wikipedia

Afterwards we stopped at the eastern to see its famous pier that is the longest in Europe (1400 m in total). There was also a navigation sign that looks like a windmill. The breakwater was located at the end of the swina rivers, hence the name of the city, Swinemünde= Swina mouth. 

Bad weather for us but not for them who love kite surfing. The beach in this town is know for the best place for wind surfing and kite surfing. Everyone were coming there to play with the wind, check the video of kite surfing in this link.

We continued our journey to Stettin/Szszecin (see picts of this city in this link) via Świnoujście crossing the swina river. There is no bridge that connects the two island (usedom and wollin), instead they provide ferries. These ferries can be used free of charge only for citizen of Świnoujście during weekdays but can also be used for tourist in Sunday or public holiday. The ferries ride was about 20 minutes including the queue.

in the ferry

a ship to norway is departing


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