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According to some opinions, the right times to visit Altes Land is in the two seasons, in spring when flowers of million apple trees bloom or in summer when the harvesting time beginns. 

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Altes Land is known as the biggest fruit plantation in central Europe. The area is located south of Elbe, stretching from Hanseatic city of Stade until Hamburg. According to its history, the Altes Land were colonialized by the Netherlands, they settled in this area, developed techniques for irrigation and begun the fruit farming. 

Nowadays Altes land has 10500 ha of fruits plantations. Most of the area, about 90%, is planted with apple trees. Only 6% of cherry trees are covering the area; the rest about 4% are other fruits such as pear, plum and berries. Thanks to the oceanic climate and nice soil fertility, Altes land is known for better fruits quality. 

city hall of Jork

In its rural setting, Altes land is a nice place to escape from busy city life. We can rent one of holiday flats, do bicycling or hiking around the plantation, see the port, take a tour of some unique apple garden, or try their delicious specialty. It’s really worth a visit. 

Every year, in the first week in May, a flower festival takes place in one of the Altes land district, Jork. The festival is held not only to introduce their products and culture but also to choose the flower queen, their ambassador that represents Altes land. The coronation is held during the festival followed by a parade around the Jork city.

in Jork

the curch
Windmühle Aurora

canal in Jork

typical  house door in Altes land


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