Flower Queen of Altes Land

This 18 years old girl, named Carolina Sofie Wolf is proudly chosen as the 33rd Flower Queen of Altes Land for 2013/2014. The flower queen of Altes land will become the ambassador of Altes land. She is not only as a symbol but also has duties to represent her region especially in events or exhibitons held in Germany.

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During the ceremony, the flower queen wears a traditional bride costume of Altes Land, consists of a long red skirt with a white apron. The unique crown, called Flunkenkranz, is decorated with colorful silk flower symbolizing fertility and two wings representing happiness. In addition, a long filigree necklace was worn to pronounce the coronation. 

coronation of altes land new flower queen

If you wish to know about this traditional costumes and culture of Altes Land, the tourist information offers guided tours every Sunday. The guides usually wear one of the costumes.

Another fashion of altländer, the former flower queen, Theresa Dicks. She has managed to do many things as flower queen. She even met Angela merkel during one of exhibitions.

Flower queens from other regions also came long way to see the new flower queen in Jork


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