Zoo in Brückenkopf Park Jülich

There are farm as well as wild animals in a small zoo in Brückenkopf park Jülich. It's really amusing for children to see them. We can touch or stroke and even are allowed to feed them. Some of animals didnt live in cages, but were set free in the park. Some of them were living next to each other and we could see how they interact.

More about Brückenkopf Park Jülich:

goose with black color, elegant

My favorite model this time was the peacocks. they were spreading their feathers so beautifully. 

It was said that the peacocks fan their feathers to attrackt the females (peahen). However, as we saw it. They look more like trying to chase away other animals next to them such as chicken or rabbit. It's really cute how they did it.

other side... 

lovey dovey... so cute

Lynx, the biggest cat in europe. living in cage, looks soo lonely... 

cute goat, running jumping... we can feed them on hand

beautiful peacocks feathers


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