look, what our neigbours had!

The day before his special day, I tried to decorate our flat with some flowers. Hoping that he will like it... though I love it more than he did :)

Our super nice neighbours gave Uda a little surprise at his special day, a schwarzwaldskirschstorte... a long name for a black forest cake. It was super delicious, decorated with a fresh cherry fruits.

That day I tried something new. I cooked sate padang.

sate padang

Sate padang and Lontong: Sate/Satay ala Padang, northern Sumatra, beef cooked with curry spices poured with curry-liked flavour sauce, served with lontong (compressed rice, cut into small cubes).

In this special day I also made Sakura cake, a steamed cinnamon-caramel cake, formed with flower shaped-mold.

Happy birthday Uda, wish you all the best...


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