Hiking around the Blausteinsee, Dürwiss – Eschweiler

Blausteinsee is located in Durwiss - Eschweiler, a recreational area that was intentionally built on a previously coal mining area. This place offers some sportive activity such as wanderung - hiking and cycling around the blue lake, swimming, diving, sailing, surfing, canoo, boot, etc. 

Since recently wanderung/hiking became our favorite activity, we thought it would be nice to go there especially in a clear sunny day. As usual, we chose public transportation, this place can also be reached by AVV ticket, freebie for students. We took a bus (no 52) from aachen bushof --> Eschweiler bushof and change the bus (no. EW2) --> Dürwiß-Friedhof. Afterwards we walked passing by a farming area and found directions to the lake. 

The environment was green. Many wild flowers and plants were still blooming along the trail. It looked more like a wild flower garden (click here to see). We really enjoyed the view. 

As soon as we arrived at the lake side, we were so excited to play in the water (but not doing so). Many people were sun bathing and some of them having picnic. Swimming can only be done in the area near the centrum, as well as other activity such as diving. 

The walking path was quite easy, only around 6 Km... easier than that in Heimbach or in Monschau. 

We walked until Seezentrum where most of the recreational activity concentrated here. We could also find a restaurant (eating ice cream after the walk was not a bad idea), a tower that allow us to have a view around (careful if you have height-fear) and a See-Bühne/arena (quite windy here). We also took a peak some people who practiced sailing and also learned diving. 

It was a great weather, a great place... just enough to make us happy and healthy :)


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