Wild plants at Blausteinsee

It is reported that most of the plants around Blausteinsee were naturally grown for years. It was previously a mining area, but now it is covered with a green belt. Some trees in this area were also planted intentionally with help of some investors.

Walking around this lake in the springs is really a good choice, since there are many plants blooming, such as wild roses, Lupines and many more.

Two plants were caught my eyes the most. We always found this plants showing their flower along the trails.

Lupins (Lupinus) and common brooms/ Besengister (Cytisus scoparius). Both of them are known as the member of legume family (fabaceae) which have capability growing in poor quality soils. Thanks for their symbiosis with Rhizobium, they can fertilize soils by fixing free nitrogen in the soils. They also have a typical peaflower with a banner, two lateral wings and a fused lower keels.

However, the plants with beautiful yellow flowers produce alkaloid and flavonoid which can be poisonous to human. Meanwhile, some species of lupins are reported producing seeds that contain essential amino acids, even though some of them can also be an allergen.

 Other plants that we found : wild strawbery bearing very small fruits, didnt have a courage to taste it :) but look tasty


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