Luftballon in Sonntagsverkauf

These couple of days, the weather was so friendly, warm and the sun was shining so bright with clear blue sky. To enjoy this warmnest, yesterday we went to the center of Aachen city as well as to enjoy the Sonntagsverkauf, an event where we can enjoy shopping in Sunday.
As you may already know, that in most country in europe, like Germany, stores are usually closed in Sunday. There is a special time when they open though. You can check the schedule at (in germany)  The shops that  were open only concentrated in the centre of the city.

That day the town was so crowded, people enjoying the warmth of the weather and also shopping, etc. Some people were enjoying the view of the city by riding a balloon. Above is a picture that I took using my mobile phone camera from the middle of Aachen city, Elisenbrunnen.


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