Ski site near Aachen, Rohren - Monschau

After praying for a good ski friendly weather last time, finally... there's still chance to play snow.

Without knowing the exact location, we went looking for the nearest ski site in Monschau last week. Spontanity was our motto at that time.  We have only one address to go, the monschau tourist information centre which was located in Monschau old town. They informed us that the ski area was still about 7 km away located in Rohren (52156 Monschau Rohren), the center of winter/summer sport. Quite near from Aachen city, about half way from the last time journey.

Taking of this opportunity, I took picts of Monschau oldtown, a beautiful small city, located near the Eifel national park. We have visited Monschau several times, but never been fed up with taking picts there.

The ski arena was quite nice, located exactly near the parking area.  They had two lifts, one of them was aimed for beginners/children, quite short.  There was also place to play sledding but we had to walk a bit far from the ski site. They also offerred snow- bike rides by renting a bike per round. equipment for ski also sleds can be rented there in a good price. In summer, they offer summer sledding (sommerbobbahn) and other interresting sport.

Too bad Uda had an uncomfortable ski shoes, he didnt enjoy the ride. We played for only 2 hours eventhough the weather was very nice. Decided to try sledding but we canceld it, as we know that there's no lift for sledding and felt too tired to climb up.


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