Night View in Rotterdam

As we visited Rotterdam, the weather was not so friendly and quite windy. But it was said that this's typical weather in Rotterdam. However, we did take a walk from the main station through the inner city and enjoy the night scenery of this famous port city which is located at the Nieuwe Maas river.

Westermeijer tower

As we walked along, we always fascinated with the buildings and their modern architecture.  Moreover, in the evening everything turned more glamorous. Off course, we would not want to miss the opportunity to take some shots of this evening glance.

Taken from Wilhelminaplein

The blue hour is my favorite time when taking a scenery. It will give a great color combination which will make our ordinary shot into an extraordinary. The blue hour happens in the morning or evening when it is neither completely lit nor completely dark, before sunrise or sunset. These are some shots that I took near the  Port of Rotterdam.

A view to Koninginnebrug and Noordereiland

Floating pavilion and surrounding

Floating pavilion is a pavilion consisting of three floating half-spheres, 12 meters tall, with a total floor area the size of four tennis courts and are relocatable. It is located in the Rijnhaven, not far from Erasmus Bridge and serving as an exhibition and reception space but also as the reference center for the innovative and inspiring approach to water management, climate change and energy issues.

Floating pavilion in Rotterdam


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