A Rose and an expired visa

Flower of the day 
to express my gratitude today, I give my pinky rose flower.

I've never expected living in other country illegally without a required visa. But it happened today for a couple of hours.
I was quite panic as I knew that the alliance departement (Ausländerbehörde) in super C (RWTH Aachen) had problems with their computer system and therefore temporarily closed from Monday. My visa expired on Tuesday and I had no choices but to wait until they open again. Luckily today they could proceed my stay permit so I wouldn't have to be an illegal citizen :p. They quickly handled my visa.

For special case,  we can still extend our stay permit max. 1 week after it expires. But off course it is more recommended to extend our stay permit 2-4 weeks before it expires. I learned that in the future I'd rather choose to extend it at least a week before the due date. I hate the insecure feeling.


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