My First High Rope Course in Bad Neuenahr -Ahrweiler


The place is called 'Hochseilgarten' in German. 

I idiotically, said 'yes', as my colegues asked me to go there along with them. After I looked at the meaning, I was a bit frightened.. oh noo.. it's the high rope course which I haven't even experienced before. They were saying it's quite fun and one should try it at least once in his life. I bought what they said and finally came there, riding in my friend's car.

Registration desk

It was sunday with good summer weather. We made a reservation on the afternoon. Well, you definitely need to make a reservation before, otherwise you have to wait for sometimes to be able to participate in this outdoor activity.  The park is located in Bad neuenahr-Ahrweiler, about 30 minutes from Bonn. It consists of forest area and a grassland, called Paradieswiese. The grassland somehow connects two hills (forest areas). 


We  paid 22 euro for the course. After registration, we were guided step by step from how to wear the safety belt, how to use it for safety, how to glide, to climb, etc. We are supposed to climb trees, cross  bridges, lines, or something else from tree to tree. Each tree has at least a platform, where we can take a deep - deep breath before crossing to other tree. Afterwards, we were busy with our selves, climbing, jumping, gliding, screaming, whimpering...all that we need to survive, to cross the trees. and gliding down  on earth again. 

We began from the easiest level to the more challenging level and there was a special course at the end. It was called 'megaseilbahn', the longest flying fox in the course. We could glide from one hill to other hill crossing over the grassland  (Paradieswiese) with total length  (round trip) about 450 meters and about 30 meters height. It was a bit frightening at first, but as I was gliding, I could see beautiful scenery in a distance. It was really great experience.



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