Fish Market in Vaals (Limburg)

Fish market in Vaals (Limburg, Netherland) is only open every Tuesday. It is located near the Vaals bus station. From bus station you need to cross the street and go along the Tyrrelsestr. You will locate the market easily. 

delicious backfish

At front you will arrive at the flower and clothing stands, afterwards you will see some fish vendoors, which sell fresh fish or cooked fish. The most favourable one  is backfish vendoors. Some time we need to queue up to buy this treat, which costs you for only  3 euros. They use fresh fishes coated with flour and deep fry them. You can eat it there with several different sauces, such as curry sauce, mayonaise, etc.

At the corner of this market you can find vegetable and fruit stands. Usually this part of market is quite crowd with people. They sell  vegetables and fruits with low prices., even cheaper than if you bought it in a supermarket. Usually the louder the seller when offering/advertising the vegetables, the cheaper the prices are. Therefore, I usally try to find the crowded one :D

all for 3.5 euro

Yesterday, I bought all of this vegetables and fruits for only 3.5 euro. Quite cheap huh? The prices could be lot more cheaper if you bought many of them. Therefore, as for me it is best if I go along with my friends or neighbors, as we can share the vegetables and also the cost. Another tips is that, do not panic as you saw the cheap prices. It is better to go look through all the stalls first and compare the prices before you buy them. You will also need to see the quality of the vegetables and fruits they sell, sometimes they put unfresh vegetables/fruits.

Luckily, we live in Aachen, quite near with the Holland border, about 3.2 km to Vaals.  From Aachen city center to Vaals, it  takes only 20 minutes using public bus,  such as bus nr. 25, 33, 35, 50, or 55.


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