Snow Chaos in Germany

Westpark, Aachen
This picture was taken early 2010 in west park aachen

Snow chaos is now all over Germany... many public transportation were delayed or even canceled because of the bad weather. This winter is indeed the coolest we've experienced since living 4 years in  Germany.

Vaals - Aachen
Border of Germany and The Netherlands (Vaals Grenze) showing a beautiful winter scenery.

desert of snow
It was taken yesterday, it looks more like a desert of snow (the university of Aachen).

creepy tree
this creepy pine tree was caught my eyes.

not everything is black and white in winter
Well at least, this plant does still show their color, even though the surrounding are mostly black and white

snow flakes
snowflakes... yeehaaawww... you don't know how difficult to get this picture, it suddendly clinged to Uda's cap

I'd rather walk than have to push the taxi and still have to pay for it..

used to be green

someone might've forgottn his car
Someone might have forgotten that he parked his car here...

Taken from our backyard... and look at the thick snow on the tree twigs..



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